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Thank you for visiting us!  Al-Ross is a family owned local business since 1973, with the capacity to serve country-wide and even worldwide.  We have helped a wide range of clients with a variety of needs, from school uniforms, clubs, and sports teams, to business uniforms, corporate wear, employee gifts, marketing give-aways, to family reunions, fire departments, fund raisers and much more.

Meet Our Sales Staff


Dave has been with Al-Ross since the get-go.  Outside of work, he enjoys horseback riding and takes his horsing around very seriously.  He believes all t-shirts aren't created equally, and knows that there is a perfect one out there just for you.

Kristin's favorite quote is "Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you're going to do now and do it" by William Durant.  She gets shirt done and right away, too. Outside of work she loves to travel, run, and have fun of all sorts.

Mike has been a part of Al-Ross for a long time.  He  has years of experience on the production end and also on the sales side. Outside of work, Mike is an avid soccer player. He does it all for his lovely wife and son. Stop in and ask Mike about the one time he tried on a 10XL polo.  It happened.

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